Welcome to the Sea Otter web site!

Your hosts are Jon and Keith. We are both extremely avid Pacific Northwest recreational divers and fanatical underwater photographers. This site evolved from our passion to take pictures of the countless and colorful creatures we encounter while scuba diving so we could identify and research the species later on. It did not take long for us to amass quite an archive of information. At some point, we decided that we needed to share this information - not only with fellow divers, but with everyone in order to help create an awareness that the murky, cold green waters of the Pacific Northwest actually contain a unique but delicate ecosystem. Hence, the sea otter marine life index was created.

Since that time, we have added approximately 50 dive site reviews, many video clips, and expanded our marine index archive to include over 200 resident marine species that call our waters home. The goal of this site is simply to educate and share the information that we have learned with others.

However, we also are involved in the commercial side of the underwater photography business. Since this site is geared more toward helping identify organisms found in Puget Sound, we have another site that is geared more toward images from a wider variety of places, and a wider variety of animals: www.jongrossphotography.com.

Please enjoy the images here, but realize that they are all copyrighted material, and cannot be used without our our prior written consent. If you are interested in obtaining high-resolution imagery of any of the images or video clips on this site, we would be glad to license use to you. Please see our rates.

Please contact us for more information or if you need something that you can't find here.

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