Marine Life of the Northeastern Pacific


These are video clips of some of the species we encounter when we dive. The advantage of video is it can show you how some of the species move and interact with their surroundings, something that is not always apparent from a photograph.

All of these clips are taken with mini DV video cameras housed in Quest Sports underwater housings. Gunter uses a twin halogen light setup for his video, and I (Keith) use a single 18W HID with a video reflector. Although these clips are relatively short, they can take a while to load. It is best to let the clip load completely before playing it - otherwise, if not completely loaded, it may not play smoothly.

Thanks to Gunter who contributed many of these clips.

Longnose Skate - size: 7.2M
Shows a skate swimming along a sandy bottom. 30 seconds.
octo.mpg - size: 3.2M
Shows how an octopus uses water propulsion to swim quickly.
barnacle-long-01.mpg - size: 6.2M
Shows the motion of an acorn barnacle feeding.
barnacle-short.mpg - size: 1.5M
Slightly shorter version of the acorn barnacle feeding.
krill.mpg - size: 9.4M
Diver swimming though clouds of small amphipods.
hermit-long-01.mpg - size: 5.1M
Some close-up camera work of a Blackeyed Hermit freaks the little crab out.
hermit-short.mpg - size: 1.2M
Shorter version of crustacean freak-out.
stalked-jelly.mpg - size: 9.2M
Despite the name of this short clip, we *do* know what it is. This is a stalked jellyfish swaying in the surge on a piece of kelp.
idun-short.mpg - size: 1.4M
This is a short clip of an alabaster nudibranch feeding.
jelly.mpg - size: 1.3M
Short clip of a jellyfish swimming
jellyfish-long-01.mpg - size: 5.6M
Longer clip of jellyfish swimming.
jellyfish-med-01.mpg - size: 3.6M
Much larger, different species of jellyfish.
rat.mpg - size: 2.7M
One of my favorite fishes. Bonks into the camera and freaks itself out.
stubby-long-01.mpg - size: 9.2M
Awesome footage of a stubby squid showing how it swims and how rapidly it can change colors.
stubby-short.mpg - size: 1.7M
Slightly shorter version of the stubby squid.
sub.mpg - size: 14M
Coming back from a trip to Neah Bay, we got hung up at the Hood Canal Bridge while this Trident made it's way to base.
sunstar-long-01.mpg - size: 9.3M
This clip will give you an idea of just how fast the sunflower star can move.
sunstar-short.mpg - size: 1.3M
Shorter sunflower star clip.
wolfie-long-01.mpg - size: 9.4M
Several views of a wolf eel as it seeks a hiding place.
wolfie-short-01.mpg - size: 2.1M
Shorter wolf eel clip.
Red.avi - size: 16M
Beautiful shots of a red octopus as he moves from behind a piece of kelp.
Dogfish.mpg - size: 8.6M
Dogfish at Three Tree Point. With sound.
Lumpsucker.mpg - size: 2.8M
Baby lumpsucker feeding!