Dungeness Crab
(Cancer magister)

image of a Dungeness Crab

Image ID: 271-01

Comments : Probably the most sought-after invertebrate in the Puget Sound area, the Dungeness Crab can grow over 8" in width, across the carapace. After molting, these crabs often bury themselves in the sand until their new shell hardens. My observations are that during late fall and winter months , these crabs move into shallower waters to mate, like these two crabs are doing. The larger male has the female firmly grasped with it's claw arms.
Common name : Dungeness Crab
Scientific Name : Cancer magister
Location Found : Three Tree Point
Actual Size : 6 inches across carapace
Camera Used : Sea & Sea MMII EX 35mm ISO 100
Natural History :