Caprellid Amphipod
(Caprella unknownus)

image of a Caprellid Amphipod

Image ID: 210-00

Comments : Little bugger was inching his way up this green eel grass highway just like a terrestrial inchworm.
Common name : Caprellid Amphipod
Scientific Name : Caprella unknownus
Location Found : Three Tree Point, Central Puget Sound
Actual Size : .25 of an inch
Camera Used : Canon D30 digital in Ikelite Housing
Natural History :
Natural History : These are often the wierd squirmy things that you end up with all over your gloves after hanging on (or even just touching!) a buoy line. They are sometimes called 'skeleton shrimps' and feed mostly on diatoms and detritus, although certain species may eat hydriod polyps. They will often glow brightly during periods of phosphorescence as they concentrate bioluminescent bacteria in their bodies (especially in late summer).