5 Ribbed Kelp
(Costaria costata)

image of a 5 Ribbed Kelp

Image ID: 298-00

Comments : This is a very common kelp with the distinctive 5 ribs visible in this picture. The undulations in the blade are called "bulations" and are common in other kelps as well. Sometimes confused with Sugar Wrack, but look for the ribs to tell them apart.
Common name : 5 Ribbed Kelp
Scientific Name : Costaria costata
Location Found : Three Tree Point
Actual Size : 4 feet long
Camera Used : Canon D60 digital in Ikelite Housing
Natural History :
Natural History : Costaria costata reaches it's peak growth near the end of May, and for the rest of the summer may look tattered and worn. The blades of this kelp can grow to be over 6 feet long and 2 feet wide, and are mainly eaten by urchins, when present.