Crimson Anemone
(Cribrinopsis fernaldi)

image of a Crimson Anemone

Image ID: 75-01

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Comments : Although some people would not agree with me, I love this dive. Snake Island Wall is actually two dives in one. Above the wall, a mild sloping shelf drops off to about 75 fsw. Then the wall come into play and drops off suddenly to 600 fsw, offering ledges, overhangs, and crevices to explore. Although not comparable to the walls in Browning Pass, I always find interesting creatures on the wall and shelf, including this anemone.
Common name : Crimson Anemone
Scientific Name : Cribrinopsis fernaldi
Location Found : Snake Island Wall, BC, Canada
Actual Size : 6 inches
Camera Used : Sea & Sea MMII EX w/1->2 macro
Natural History :