Striped Seaperch
(Embiotoca lateralis)

image of a Striped Seaperch

Image ID: 185-01

Comments : These are beautiful fish, and pictures normally just do not do them justice. They are brilliantly covered with gold and blue metallic horizontal bars, and are a welcome addition on any dive. Striped Seaperch are readily found throughout Puget Sound and grow to about 20 inches long. I occasionally encounter them singularly, and more often in small schools wherever there is ample structure. This one is a juvenile, and the blue colored bars do not show through as well. These fish also bear live young, unlike most fish that lay eggs. Bearing live young gives the new born fish a head start by letting it develop more before it enters the world. Instead of laying hundreds or thousands of eggs, the Striped Seaperch gives birth to 20 or so juveniles about an inch long.
Common name : Striped Seaperch
Scientific Name : Embiotoca lateralis
Location Found : Three Tree Point, Central Puget Sound
Actual Size : 6 inches
Camera Used : Sea & Sea MMII EX w/1->3T macro
Natural History :