Buffalo Sculpin
(Enophrys bison)

image of a Buffalo Sculpin

Image ID: 112-01

Comments : These sculpins are very common where ever there is rock structure in Puget Sound. They sometimes appear similar to Irish Lords, however, have a thicker body, are not quite as brightly colored, and have eyes that are not as big relative to their body) Like Irish Lords, they are able to change their shading and color to match their surrounding and are masters of camouflage. We often encounter them sitting patiently wait on a rock or a wall hiding from would be predators while waiting for prey to wander by. If you are very careful and gentle, you can actually pick up a Buffalo Sculpin without it moving.
Common name : Buffalo Sculpin
Scientific Name : Enophrys bison
Location Found : Three Tree Point, Central Puget Sound
Actual Size : 10 inches
Camera Used : Sea & Sea MMII EX 35mm lens
Natural History :