Brooding (Proliferating) Anemone
(Epiactis prolifera)

image of a Brooding (Proliferating) Anemone

Image ID: 103-01

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Comments : One of the thousands of colorful anemones found on Browning Wall. The kaleidascope or color on this wall is like no other dive I have seen on. On our first trip to Browning Wall, vis was only 10 feet or so, and it was still spectacular. On this dive, vis was well over 50 feet.
Common name : Brooding (Proliferating) Anemone
Scientific Name : Epiactis prolifera
Location Found : Browning Wall, BC, Canada
Actual Size : 3 inches
Camera Used : Sea & Sea MMII EX w/1->2T macro lens ISO 100 film
Natural History :