Kelp Greenling
(Hexagrammos decagrammus)

image of a Kelp Greenling

Image ID: 74-01

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Comments : Greenling are very common throughout shallow northwest waters wherever there is good rock and kelp structure. As they are brightly colored, they are a welcome companion on any dive. However, they tend to be somewhat skittish and getting close enough (18") to get a good shot like this is a huge challenge. I was fortunate that this character cooperated on a dive in Nanaimo. Note that this is a male Kelp Greenling is colored differently from that of a female Kelp Greenling. The male has a solid orange body with white shots near the head. The female tends to have a whitish body covered in orange spots.
Common name : Kelp Greenling
Scientific Name : Hexagrammos decagrammus
Location Found : Four Fathom Reef, Nanaimo, BC, Canada
Actual Size : 16 inches
Camera Used : Sea & Sea MMII EX w/1->2 macro
Natural History :