Candy Stripe Shrimp
(Lebbeus grandimanus)

image of a Candy Stripe Shrimp

Image ID: 270-01

Comments : A tropical looking species, these colorful shrimp are usually found at the base of anemones. These particular shrimp seem to be seasonal residents of the Edmonds Underwater Park, and take refuge around Plumose Anemones. So far, I have only noted these shrimp at Edmonds and Skyline. As they are often very small (these specimens are some of the larger ones I have seen) I am certain I have overlooked them at many other sites.
Common name : Candy Stripe Shrimp
Scientific Name : Lebbeus grandimanus
Location Found : Edmonds Underwater Park
Actual Size : 2 inches
Camera Used : Sea & Sea MMII EX w/1->3T macro
Natural History :