Bering Hermit Crab
(Pagurus beringanus)

image of a Bering Hermit Crab

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Other shots:  image of a Bering Hermit Crab
Comments : These are sort of hard to see, but there are two of them, sitting on an outcropping somewhere on Hussar Point. The red banded legs is a giveaway as to which species they are, but the shells they've taken for protection? I'm not sure. Notice the Yellow Boring Sponge on the shell of the one on the right...he'll be finding a new shell pretty soon!
Common name : Bering Hermit Crab
Scientific Name : Pagurus beringanus
Location Found : Hussar Point, Canada
Actual Size : 2.5 inches across
Camera Used : Canon D60 digital in Ikelite Housing
Natural History :