Copper Rockfish
(Sebastes caurinus)

image of a Copper Rockfish

Image ID: 102-01

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Comments : A very common rockfish in Puget Sound and most northwest waters, and easily distinguishable by its brown, yellow, and white color pattern. This fish is hiding from me (but keeping an eye on me) as I cruise the Sunrise wall. If the fish felt threatened, it would either hide deep in a crevice or raise its dorsal spines and face me. Very infrequently do I see Coppers school (like Yellowtail or Black Rockfish).
Common name : Copper Rockfish
Scientific Name : Sebastes caurinus
Location Found : Sunrise Beach, South Puget Sound
Actual Size : 18 inches
Camera Used : Sea & Sea MMII EX 35mm lens
Natural History :