Vermillion Rockfish
(Sebastes miniatus)

image of a Vermillion Rockfish

Image ID: 265-01

Comments : This is a very distinctive rockfish that I have only seen about 10 times in over 400 cold water dives, and one of my favorite rockfish to find. This species is easily identified by it's deep red color and silver masking on the head and body. I usually find these fish deep (over 80 fsw) and by themselves. They also appear to be a very shy fish. I had to follow this fish for about 5 minutes before I could get any kind of decent shot. There is a resident Vermilion Rockfish at KVI Tower that lives near the bottom of the reef in 90-110 fsw.
Common name : Vermillion Rockfish
Scientific Name : Sebastes miniatus
Location Found : Hussar Point
Actual Size : 24 inches
Camera Used : Sea & Sea MMII EX 35mm ISO100
Natural History :