Tiger Rockfish
(Sebastes nigrocinctus)

image of a Tiger Rockfish

Image ID: 88-01

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Comments : I have only seen a handful of Tiger Rockfish - until I did this dive. I stopped counting at 10, which is more than I have seen in all my other dives combined. While swimming with these fish, they appear to be very solitary and territorial, and do not school like Yellowtail or Black Rockfish. In fact, on several occasions I observed Tigers chasing Quillback Rockfish from their territory. They also do not appear to stray to far from rocky cover, although I did find one hiding underneath some large kelp leaves lying on the bottom. Note the reddish tint around the Tiger's head.
Common name : Tiger Rockfish
Scientific Name : Sebastes nigrocinctus
Location Found : Four Fathom Reef, Nanaimo, BC, Canada
Actual Size : 20 inches
Camera Used : Sea & Sea MMII EX 35mm lens
Natural History :