Canary Rockfish
(Sebastes pinniger)

image of a Canary Rockfish

Image ID: 262-01

Comments : Canary Rockfish are beautiful fish. They are easily distinguished by their bright orange color, striped face, and white lateral line. Neah Bay in the ONLY place I get to swim with this wonderful species in Washington. I have not found this species in Canada yet, although I have only been diving in the Port Hardy and Nanaimo areas to date. Although I do not believe this species is endangered, bag limits on Canary Rockfish are very restricted in Washington. I often find these fish in loose schools of 2 to 5 fish hovering near the bottom of a ridge throughout the immediate Neah Bay area.
Common name : Canary Rockfish
Scientific Name : Sebastes pinniger
Location Found : Snow Creek Ridge
Actual Size : 24 inches
Camera Used : Sea & Sea MMI EX 35mm lens, ISO 100
Natural History :