Pink Nudibranch
(Tritonia diomedea)

image of a Pink Nudibranch

Image ID: 19-01

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Comments : Pink Nudibranchs must either feed on Seapens or feed on other creatures that eat Seapens. At times there are thousands of Seapens located on the gently sloping muddy bottom of Seahurst Park. When the Seapens are around in abundance, I usually find behemoth Pink Nudibranchs. Accompanying the Pink Nudibranchs at this site are large Striped Nudibranchs and Alabaster Nudibranchs. I have seen Pink Nudibranchs here well over 10 inches long, which is about twice as long as I have seen them anywhere else.
Common name : Pink Nudibranch
Scientific Name : Tritonia diomedea
Location Found : Seahurst Park, Central Puget Sound
Actual Size : 8 inches
Camera Used : Fuji Endeavor in Ikelite IIIe w/macro lens, 400 ISO APS fuji film
Natural History :