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Our resources on the animals that we identify are mostly ID books from Sea Challenger's Publishing, including (but not limited to) Pacific Coast Inshore Fishes by Daniel W. Gotshall, Pacific Coast Nudibranchs by David W. Behrens, and Pacific Coast Crabs and Shrimps by Gregory C. Jensen. I (Jon) also routinely am in touch with biologists from the University of Washington, and the University of California getting help with tricky identification shots, and learning more about the organisms that we find.

We try to dive 1-3 times a week, with varying success. Keith usually gets out more than Jon does, but we log a lot of dives nonetheless. One thing we're really well matched on is air consumption and cold tolerance. Both of us are comfortable diving steel 100's, and clocking 60-90 minutes of non-decompression bottom time, and still surfacing with 5-700 pounds of air pressure left.

Here is a somewhat typical night dive profile.
Night Dive Profile Graph

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