Marine Life of the Northeastern Pacific

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Below is a list of northwest sites that we commonly dive or are among our favorites. Clicking on the link will provide you with an overview of the dive, some of our experiences diving the site, and other information which you may find useful (some with pictures). Clicking on either the large map above, or the smaller maps below will give you more details about dives in that region.

Please keep in mind that these write-ups are based upon our experiences and observations, and are not inclusive of everything you should know before diving one of these location. All dive sites pose risks to divers (some which may not be listed in our write-ups), and all divers must fully understand and access those risks in accordance with their abilities before entering the water.

Sites in the US

Southern Puget Sound Southern Puget Sound hood's canal Central Puget Sound Northern Puget Sound Strait of Juan de Fuca link

Strait of Juan De Fuca

Strait of Juan de

North Puget Sound
(S. Whidbey to the San Juans)

North Puget Sound

Central Puget Sound
(S. Whidbey Island to Alki Point)

Central Puget Sound

South Puget Sound
(Alki Point and south)

South Puget Sound

Hood's Canal


Sites in Canada

Central British Columbia, Canada

Snake Island Wall
Four Fathom Reef
Chup Point, Barkley Sound
Renate Reef, Barkley Sound

Northern British Columbia, Canada

Browning Wall
Wreck of the Themus
God's Pocket Resort
Buttertart Reef
7 Tree Island
Hunt ROCK!
Northwest Passage

Tropical Destinations

Red Sea