Golden Gardens

Date Reviewed:September 2000
Location:Seattle area
Access:Shore dive
Site Description:Shore dive, fairly barren, some fish, some nudibranchs, flat silty/sandy bottom
Main Attraction:Close to Jon's house.

Golden Gardens

This isn't the most spectacular dive in the area, but it is by far the closest to my (Jon) house, less than a ten minute drive. Needless to say, I end up here a lot when I just want to get wet.

This shot is looking southwest. To the left is a large parking lot. More information on the park itself can be found here

I've seen skates, Ratfish, salmon, crabs, clams, nudibranchs, sea pens, and perch here. The vis isn't great, but if you are hunting for nudibranchs, you can usually turn up at least three or four species here. I've seen ratfish on two day dives here, which is sort of rare.

The currents are usually pretty mild. The bottom has a shallow flat shelf less than 20fsw deep that extends out about 200 feet, and then slopes down to 40fsw or so. That second shelf extends for a ways and then shelves off again. Be careful of boat traffic (the beach is at the north end of Shilshole marina), and in the summer, windsurfers and jet skis that launch from the beach.

I wouldn't call it a real great dive, but it's a nice place to get wet, and there is some life to see on lucky days. -jon

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