Opalescent Squid
(Loligo opalescens)

image of a Opalescent Squid

Image ID: 179-01

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Comments : Opalescent Squid are cool critters. I do not encounter them often on night dives, but they are very bold and very fast. They usually find me. They often dart in like a laser beam, and hit my HID light (sometimes scaring the heck out of me), mistaking it for another squid and either trying to mate with it or attack it. Once they figure out it is not another squid, they usually hang around and study me (or at least my light). These squid communicate with light. In fact, when a fire my stobe, this squid usually freaks out and darts off quickly, but then comes back. When I am fortunate enough to encounter one of these magnificent squid, it is usually in the shallows (less than 20 fsw) in an eel grass bed in winter.
Common name : Opalescent Squid
Scientific Name : Loligo opalescens
Location Found : Three Tree Point, Central Puget Sound
Actual Size : 8 inches
Camera Used : Sea & Sea MMII EX w/1->3T macro
Natural History :