Red Octopus
(Octopus rubescens)

image of a Red Octopus

Image ID: 13-01

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Comments : I happened to catch this octopus in transit. Octopus tend to have strange personalities - they are continually battling between being extremely shy and incredibly curious. One second they are trying to hide from you, the next they have attached themselves to your glove and are tasting you with their suckers. Three Tree Point offers an ideal hunting ground for small octopus like this one - it has plenty of cover and an abundance of small marine life to prey upon.
Common name : Red Octopus
Scientific Name : Octopus rubescens
Location Found : Three Tree Point, Central Puget Sound
Actual Size : 9 inches
Camera Used : Fuji Endeavor in Ikelite IIIe, w/macro 400 ISO APS fuji film
Natural History :