Ling Cod
(Ophiodon elongatus)

image of a Ling Cod

Image ID: 83-01

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Comments : The gold and black almost makes for a dramatic shot. There are hundreds of Ling Cod along the Snake Island shelf, usually laying amongst the kelp. At times on this dive, I was surrounded by at least six big Ling Cod. The unusual thing about these Ling Cod is that they take on a golden complexion, which I have not seen before. Compare the coloration of this Ling Cod to those in the other pics. This golden complexion closely matches the color of the kelp on the shelf, which I do not believe is a coincidence.
Common name : Ling Cod
Scientific Name : Ophiodon elongatus
Location Found : Snake Island Wall, BC, Canada
Actual Size : 36 inches
Camera Used : Sea & Sea MMII EX 35mm lens
Natural History :