Ling Cod
(Ophiodon elongatus)

image of a Ling Cod

Image ID: 11-01

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Comments : Edmonds Underwater Park is living testimony on how mother nature can bounce back very quickly if given a chance. This site is a marine sanctuary, so there is no harvesting of any kind allowed within park boundaries. As a result, the fish here have grown VERY big. Five foot Ling cod, and 24" Quillback Rockfish and Copper Rockfish and 30" Cabezon are common here. This picture is of a Ling cod guarding it's eggs (the white bumpy mass directly behind the Ling cod). Ling cod are very protective of their eggs, and have been known to chase off divers who get too close.
Common name : Ling Cod
Scientific Name : Ophiodon elongatus
Location Found : Edmonds Underwater Park, Central Puget Sound
Actual Size : 36 inches
Camera Used : Fuji Endeavor in Ikelite IIIe, 400 ISO APS fuji film
Natural History :