Sunflower Star
(Pycnapodia helianthoides)

image of a Sunflower Star

Image ID: 44-00

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Comments : This is a macro shot of the arm of a sunflower star, showing some of the colors, and details of the surface of the star. The white spiky things are actually little jaws that grip things called pedicillariae. If you touch one of these stars, these little jaws will latch onto your gloved hand and are sometimes difficult to detach, because the surface of this star is so "sticky". You can also discern the tube feet on the bottom of this star in this picture. The white tufts are the animals gills.
Common name : Sunflower Star
Scientific Name : Pycnapodia helianthoides
Location Found : Golden Gardens, Central Puget Sound
Actual Size : 16"
Camera Used : Kodak DC290 in Ikelite housing
Natural History :